2 comments on “Problems of the Modern and Post-Modern setting

  1. I’ve been kicking around a city-wide zombie survival one-shot, and a lot of these same problems cropped up. If it had been world-wide, then it’s not so much of an issue because everyone’s shit would be all fucked up.However, I chose option #2 because it actually fit in well with why there are zombies in the city to begin with. Although, I’m still trying to figure out how to encourage/keep the characters from just leaving the city as quickly as they could.

  2. If it were my game I’d keep the people in the city with a combination of lost family members to be searched for, large groups caused by fleeing panic being obvious targets for zombie attacks (best to wait for things to quiet down), and a CDC quarantine line around the city. So the game could go in three stages: find the people you need to keep safe, find a place to hide, find away out. However, knowing what characters your Players will be playing would probably help flesh things out.

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