10 comments on “Best Superhero System Ever

  1. I enjoyed the Champion game which was based on the Hero system. It had a very flexible system as far as expanding the powers you had with nearly unlimited variables. Plus it gave you a vague world to continue to build. The only problem was that character creation was cumbersome due to the variation. This created a problem with NPC creation for the GM.

  2. I’ve used the Hero system before. Only system I’ve ever encountered that came with a piece of software to be used for C-gen and, I can tell you, they were serious about it. The first character I put together was done by hand. I had the GM sitting at the table with me and took 6 hours for us to finish and then we both realized that we’d done it wrong from the beginning and had to start over.I will say, though, that it was possibly the single most comprehensive power generation system I’ve ever come across. With that system, you could make any character. Any character at all. I was pretty impressed with it if more than a little frustrated as well.

  3. You can do super-dodge in Aberrant. You just buy things like the Quickness enhancement for Mega-Wits, and use the extra actions from that for dodge actions. Enough Mega-Dex, Dex, and Martial Arts/Athletics skill, and you stand as good a job of dodging as the person attacking with the same amount of dice. In fact, against brawl attacks, where you don’t get mega-dice for Mega-Strength, you’re actually at an advantage.On a funny note, one of my game group here proposed a supers game today, and I suggested Aberrant. I sent this post to the group as further support. 😀

  4. I know you can shoot for Super-Dodge Man, but the system just wasn’t designed with that in mind. The game designers included comparable numbers of attack aiding abilities and attack avoidance abilities in their game for the sake of balance. It’s just that in the case of attack avoidance, the abilities were split between dodging attacks and being tough enough to take the hits while for attack aiding abilities they are all directed toward connecting. It just comes down to simple numbers and the defense numbers are split while the attack numbers are not.

  5. Eh, I’m going to have to disagree with you there. Brawl has no mega-stat that will help you connect. Mega-Strength only adds to damage. However, Mega-Dex helps you hit and not be hit equally with the same skill.If you want to hit and hit hard, you have to buy two mega-stats. If you want to avoid multiple attacks a round, you have to buy two mega-stats. If you want to soak a lot of damage, you have to buy one mega-stat and a power. I think it’s pretty well-balanced.

  6. Very well, we can dive deeper into game mechanics if you like…Mega-Dex does not help you hit and not be hit equally. In Aberrant combat is resolved by rolling your Dex + Mega-Dex (or Str + Mega-Str) + skill and and trying to get over the defender’s flat Defense Value which is generated using their [Dex + Athletics]/2 + Mega-Dex. Successes on Mega-Dice are worth more than one success and 10s explode. Since your Defense is a flat value you don’t quite get the benefit of having a Mega-Attribute on defense as you do on the attack.It is a close thing though, if you just leave it at that. However, you can build an attack based character with multiple attacks there-by numerically increasing your chances of hitting in a way that there is no counter for on the other side. Defensively the only alternative is to take powers that make you tougher, but that means you are no longer building a character that "never gets hit" like The Flash or Spiderman.

  7. First, it’s Str+skill to hit with Brawl. Mega-Strength only adds to damage, not to actually being able to hit. It’s weird that way.Second, you can take a dodge/block/parry action using your Martial Arts skill. Which means you can be equally good at hitting and not being hit. Both require an action, which is why I suggested the Mega-Wits enhancement that allows you to buy more actions with Quantum Pool. That way you can attack and dodge in the same round. Really, Martial Arts is the only close combat skill you need to buy.So, yeah, if you don’t want to use actions to defend yourself, you can’t defend yourself as well as you attack, which is good. If you could, combats would get really long and boring. However, if you want to either not attack or blow Quantum Pool, you can make yourself pretty hard to hit.

  8. As I said, you can’t make a character who simply doesn’t get hit. Resorting to parrying with a sword or some other implement, blocking with martial arts or making yourself tougher; none of these count. You can not parry or block a quantum bolt. If it hits it hits. Assuming of course that we discount convincing your GM to alter the rules for you and that’s just a cop-out on a system discussion.Now I don’t remember Martial Arts being able to take the place of Athletics for a dodge, but I don’t have my book in front of me right now. Either way though, lets run with your Dodge thing. So you use the same pool for dodging as you would for Dex attacking (Dex+MDex+Power/Skill) but to dodge multiple attacks and deal with multiple attackers you have to use multiple actions. Same is true of attacking multiple opponents… or is it? What about area of effect attacks? Dodge always has to have multiple actions through some method while attacking can simply fall back on AOE.All I’m saying is that the game is slightly slanted in favor of the attack based characters. It doesn’t cripple the system or make it un-playable. It is still my favorite Super Hero system ever. I think it’s just a little slanted. That’s all. Are you saying the system is perfect? Beyond flaws?

  9. I won’t go as far as to say it’s perfect, but it’s certainly the best supers system I’ve ever seen. Honestly, not being able to dodge every attack easily is really more of a feature than a bug to me. It encourages everyone to go on the offensive, because you just can’t avoid every blow. It keeps everyone involved in the action and makes sure someone wins in less than three hours of combat.Remember when we played Exalted, and I activated the charm that gave me a parry roll against every melee attack against me? It took some of the drama out of the combat because there was no serious threat of me being injured.Remember, even with extreme amounts of soak, the attacker still gets a bitch die to roll for damage. So even the super-soaker can still be plinked to death.

  10. lol I can agree with that.Exalted is one of those systems that I’ve always been a little interested in, but never really got to play much more than in one-shots. I’d love to participate in (run or play) an Exalted campaign some day…

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