One comment on “You got magic in my science! You got science in my magic! Mmmmm….

  1. This reminded me of something I realized whilereading Aeon/Trinity last month.Aberrant is about individuals being individually powerful. As anAberrant, you are literally capable of doing ANYTHING. Sounds a lot likethe American dream, right? Come to America, and through your hard workand perseverance, you can rise to any level you want!!!Aeon/Trinity is about people gathering together and using theirindividual powers to make the group greater than the sum of its parts.UNITY.The funny thing is, if you do literally do anything you want, you gocrazy and end up damaging everything around you through taint. (Itsmacks of corporations doing whatever they need to in order to maximizetheir profits and damaging the environment.) Then, you use a group ofless awesome people to destroy the Aberrants. Which sounds moresocialist to me.So, I thought it was funny that WW basically made an RPG about classwarfare dressed up as superheroes vs. psychics.

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