2 comments on “Too Much Planning

  1. It’s awesome to have another post by you. I actually check around here every other day or so.I do a lot of GMing (mostly Storytelling WoD, at this point in time) and this is actually the biggest problem I have when it comes to doing it. The balance between too much prepping, and too little, gets me every time.

  2. Thanks for reading and double thanks for commenting :)I hear you on the planning side. I used to try and keep tons of info on my games in notes and plan out individual encounters and balance power levels, but in a modern day setting with a very free-form system like WoD, it is hard to anticipate everything. Particularly it is hard to anticipate what your PCs will do. Are they going to call the cops or take out a hit with the Mob? It is also hard to "balance" anything because WoD really gives no method of comparing the power levels of various creatures.My only advice on this is to not memorize where the targets are, rather try to become comfortable shooting from the hip. You remember the parts of your game that are most important to you, trust your PCs to remember the parts that are most important to them, and don’t be afraid to ask them for a refresher. It will help you to hear it over and over again and it will help them to say it over and over again.Oh and kill your darlings. That is advice I once read from Stephen King. Don’t be afraid to break your world or your NPCs or your plot. The hallmark of a good suspenseful story is when nothing is off the menu 🙂 Reality could reorganize itself at any time. Just be careful that you’re killing *your* darlings and not your PCs’ darlings. It sucks when your character’s motivation is suddenly removed from the game with no notice.Man, I’m opinionated today!

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