4 comments on “Put Your Phone Down! – A Norwescon 40 Live Recorded Panel

  1. When will we get the other sessions? I was at the last one and it was great, been waiting to see it go up here, but been a long time. Did we break you at the Con?

    • Right you are, Chuck! It has been a while. This summer has been brutal schedule-wise. I do have the other two panels mostly cleaned up and edited, but unfortunately I misplaced some other files I needed before I could post them due to an operating system reinstall. Since then my co-host and I have yet to do the leg work to replace them. My bad. I’m really glad to hear of your interest though! Tell you what, I’ll get the led out and try to have the second one up some time in the next week! Cool?

    • Hey Chuck! My co-host and I actually got together to re-record the intros for panels 2 and 3 and ended up finding the original files! I’ve edited panel number two and it is scheduled to be published here (and on Facebook) Monday morning. I’m told that’s the better timing for people who listen to podcasts? However, if you’d like to grab it early, I’ve added it to our Podbean tonight 🙂

      Thanks for listening!


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